The safest pet medal in the world.

Tags & Tracks

Our FolioPet range is designed to meet the needs of everyone.

Tracker FolioPet

The FolioPet tracker ensures the safety of your pet with its customizable profile and precise GPS tracking features. Lightweight, waterproof, and easy to use, it allows you to keep an eye on your companion at all times. With its connection to Apple's "Find My" app, you have peace of mind and the certainty of quickly finding your pet if needed.

FolioPet Slide

The FolioPet Slide simplifies the protection of your pet with its easy attachment to any collar. Its customizable animal profile and features make it a practical and safe solution. Instant GPS alerts and the QR Code facilitate recovery in case of loss, while its discreet design ensures the comfort of your four-legged companion.

FolioPet Sticker

The FolioPet Stickers simplify your pet's safety with their handy QR Codes that you can stick wherever you want. The complete pet profile ensures the safe return of your companion, with the possibility of updating it at any time. Miniature and versatile, these stickers offer an affordable and universal solution for all pet owners.

Customizable Profile

Fully customizable profile with the ability to add multiple contacts, addresses, temperaments, health information, dates of last checks, latest parasite treatments, and much more.

GPS Alerts

Receive instant GPS alerts as soon as someone scans your FolioPet, through push notifications and emails, to be immediately informed, thus allowing you to react quickly.

Simplicity to the Point

A simple scan of the QR Code with any phone will instantly provide access to all the essential information about your four-legged friend. This way, you can be contacted immediately in case of loss!

FolioPet Technology

We are constantly improving the features, always focused on the well-being and safety of your pet.

Where it all began

We are all familiar with this feeling: the heart pounding when our four-legged friend slips away. Marvelle made this very clear to us. It is thanks to her that we were inspired to act. FolioPet is our guarantee to make every outing worry-free, for pet parents and their faithful companions!🐾