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Our FolioPet Slide is designed to be simple and practical to use.

Just slide it onto your furry friend's collar, customize their profile, and you're all set!


Your pet's profile is a comprehensive resource that contains all the essential information to ensure their safe return home! It also acts as a digital health record for your pet, available at any time.

You have the ability to update your pet's profile at any time and from anywhere.


• Scratch, bite, and fade resistant

• Suitable for all types of pets! (Just one collar needed)

• Lightweight for comfort and convenience

• The QR Code ensures a constantly working solution.

• No subscription needed

• Waterproof

• No battery required

• Compatible with all smartphones

• Can be used anywhere and anytime


Suitable for all collars, perfect for dogs and cats, with a collar width ranging from 1 to 3 cm. (standard size)

Can fit a wider collar up to 4 cm (XXL size), but the installation is more complex and we do not recommend it.

FolioPet Technology

We are constantly improving the features, always focused on the well-being and safety of your pet.

Simplicity to the Point

A simple scan of the QR Code with any phone will instantly provide access to all the essential information about your four-legged friend. This way, you can be contacted immediately in case of loss!

Customizable Profile

Fully customizable profile with the ability to add multiple contacts, addresses, temperaments, health information, dates of last checks, latest parasite treatments, and much more.

GPS Alerts

Receive instant GPS alerts as soon as someone scans your FolioPet, through push notifications and emails, to be immediately informed, thus allowing you to react quickly.

Zero Constraints

The FolioPet Slide attaches firmly to your dog's collar, staying in place without constantly wavering and without producing annoying noise. Comfortable and discreet, it allows your companion to remain calm and stylish.

Where it all began

We are all familiar with this feeling: the heart pounding when our four-legged friend slips away. Marvelle made this very clear to us. It is thanks to her that we were inspired to act. FolioPet is our guarantee to make every outing worry-free, for pet parents and their faithful companions!🐾